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It's Finally DTLA's 'Close Up' Time

Many great loft-style properties in burgeoning Downtown LA urban living scene.

Waiting Game is Over, Downtown LA Is Ripe for Investing Now

Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) is finally ready for it's close-up.


What was once a place for urban pioneers, DTLA is now the real deal and over 40,000 are living there to prove it.


There are dozen of new loft buildings selling, leasing, and renting cool open-plan units with modern amenities, like pools, rooftop dog parks, and all manner of bars, lounges and restaurants. Wholes Foods is moving in, and Broadway is being made more pedestrian friendly, and Skid Row, well, it’s still there.


But pioneering is long gone.


The city and the earlier settlers have created a series of distinct downtown neighborhoods, and a new sense of community. You can feel it in the new condos taking shape in the Financial District and in the rehabbed lofts and apartments throughout the Artist District, South Park and Bunker Hill.


Of course there is the splashy LA Live area, with Staples and the Ritz Carlton residences. Asian investors are pouring billions into DTLA.  It’s gotten crazy in DTLA. And it’s about time we all take a serious look at investing in DTLA and into what it has to offer.  Check out our blog posting on this very subject.


We’re looking at several new loft developments on the far eastern side of downtown, near the Warehouse District. This is the growth area, the next outward push for the pioneers. We’ll keep you posted. Or, give us a call about what we’re finding. We’re working with some of the best specialist in the area.


In the meantime, here are few wow photos for you too think about and imagine the possibilities.


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